Our veterans made tremendous sacrifices for our country. We do our best to give them our respect and support they so richly deserve.

Disabled Veterans Support Canada

is a volunter, Canadian not-for profit charitable organization, not a government agency. We do not receive any government grants. We operate our various programs with donations from the public and corporations. Most of our work is accomplished by volunteers who donate their time and efforts freely. We have no paid executives, officers or salaried staff. We appreciate your generous support which makes it possible for us to continue our work, to provide much needed programs and services for our veterans.

Please note: We do not make phone calls. We do not solicit donations on the phone.

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Disabled Veterans Support Canada Canadian not-for profit charitable organization Tel: +15146127857

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Call us if you are a professional entertainer. We need professional musicans and vocalist who wish to volunteer to entertain veterans and seniors. We also need volunteers to help us with corporate fund raising.