You may ask: Why hire a Veteran?

You may ask: Hire a Veteran Our answer would be: WHY NOT? Just think of what veterans have been doing for years. For example: Learn discipline – by following or showing leadership as required. Be reliable and dependable – somebody’s life may depend on a soldier’s action. Work hard – they never quit until the job is done. Take orders – they respect their superiors, their bosses. Be on time – in the military there is no such thing as being late. Prove their ability – by learning a great variety of new and useful skills. Work in teams – military duties often require precise team work. Take responsibility – in the military there is no excuse for one’s actions. Adapt to any situation – able to work under difficult conditions. Be trustworthy – a military job may require security clearance. Develop resourcefulness – when everything goes wrong, they still have to do the job. Overcome adversity – in critical situations they show strength and perseverance. Be health conscious – trained to maintain personal health and fitness. And the list goes on… Quite honestly, how many of your current employees can demonstrate those qualities? Granted, not all veterans might display ALL of the above characteristics. But you must admit the list is impressive. We encourage anyone in a hiring position, be it within a large corporation or a small family business, to consider giving a veteran a fair chance, be it in customer service or maintenance, office work or stock room, computer systems or sales. Whatever a veteran’s background, there can be any number of employment possibilities. Veterans don’t want charity, but they will appreciate fair employment, and you will not regret your decision.

* * * Invest in a veteran and give our heroes a chance.


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